UEFA Champions League Kick Off Dates And Fixtures

UEFA Champions League Kick Off Dates And Fixtures

UEFA Champions League has confirmed all the group stages fixtures and the dates for games to be played in the 2022/2023 season.

Here are all the fixtures as well as the kick-off dates in the group stages of the 2022/2023 UEFA Champions League season scheduled to start on the 6th of September 2022.

Matchday 1 fixtures

6 September 2022

Dinamo Zagreb vs Chelsea
Dortmund vs Copenhagen
Salzburg vs AC Milan
Celtic vs Real Madrid
Leipzig vs Shakhtar
Sevilla vs Man City
PSG vs Juventus
Benfica vs Maccabi Haifa

7 September 2022
Ajax vs Rangers
Frankfurt vs Sporting CP
Napoli vs Liverpool
Atlético vs Porto
Club Brugge vs Leverkusen
Barcelona vs Plzeň
Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich
Tottenham vs Marseille

Matchday 2 fixtures

13 September 2022
Plzeň vs Inter Milan
Sporting CP vs Tottenham
Liverpool vs Ajax
Rangers vs Napoli
Porto vs Club Brugge
Leverkusen vs Atlético
Bayern vs Barcelona
Marseille vs Frankfurt

14 September 2022
AC Milan vs Dinamo Zagreb
Shakhtar vs Celtic
Chelsea vs Salzburg
Real Madrid vs Leipzig
Man City vs Dortmund
Copenhagen vs Sevilla
Juventus vs Benfica
Maccabi Haifa vs PSG

Matchday 3 fixtures

4 October 2022
Bayern vs Plzeň
Marseille vs Sporting CP
Liverpool vs Rangers
Ajax vs Napoli
Porto vs Leverkusen
Club Brugge vs Atlético
Inter vs Barcelona
Frankfurt vs Tottenham

5 October 2022
Salzburg vs Dinamo Zagreb
Leipzig vs Celtic
Chelsea vs AC Milan
Real Madrid vs Shakhtar
Man City vs Copenhagen
Sevilla vs Dortmund
Juventus vs Maccabi Haifa
Benfica vs PSG

Matchday 4 fixtures

11 October 2022
Copenhagen vs Man City
Maccabi Haifa vs Juventus
Dinamo Zagreb vs Salzburg
AC Milan vs Chelsea
Shakhtar vs Real Madrid
Celtic vs Leipzig
Dortmund vs Sevilla
Paris vs Benfica

12 October 2022
Napoli vs Ajax
Atlético vs Club Brugge
Rangers vs Liverpool
Leverkusen vs Porto
Barcelona vs Inter
Plzeň vs Bayern
Tottenham vs Frankfurt
Sporting CP vs Marseille

Matchday 5 fixtures

25 October 2022
Salzburg vs Chelsea
Sevilla vs Copenhagen
Dinamo Zagreb vs AC Milan
Celtic vs Shakhtar
Leipzig vs Real Madrid
Dortmund vs Man City
Paris vs Maccabi Haifa
Benfica vs Juventus

26 October 2022
Club Brugge vs Porto
Inter vs Plzeň
Napoli vs Rangers
Ajax vs Liverpool
Atlético vs Leverkusen
Barcelona vs Bayern
Tottenham vs Sporting CP
Frankfurt vs Marseille

Matchday 6 fixtures

1 November 2022
Porto vs Atlético
Leverkusen vs Club Brugge
Liverpool vs Napoli
Rangers vs Ajax
Bayern vs Inter Milan
Plzeň vs Barcelona
Sporting CP vs Frankfurt
Marseille vs Tottenham

2 November 2022
Real Madrid vs Celtic
Shakhtar vs Leipzig
Chelsea vs Dinamo Zagreb
AC Milan vs Salzburg
Man City vs Sevilla
Copenhagen vs Dortmund
Juventus vs Paris
Maccabi Haifa vs Benfica

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