Uganda’s Lock down extended by 21 days

Uganda’s Lock down extended by 21 days

Today the 14th of April 2020 president Museveni has extended the lock down by 21 days until 5th May.  This is meant to give the Ministry of Health ample time to track the 18000 people who traveled into the country between 15 and 22 March 2020.

“Its safer to have the lock down extended so that we see how the progress goes,  lets be patient  as some people are asymptomatic and spread the virus for 34 days,” he said.

The president  urged the youth to stop loitering in trading centers but to stay home home to avoid contracting the virus.

Sectors to continue operating

He also said work on the farm should continue to produce food for both consumption and sale , cargo transport by planes, trains, boda bodas, electricity, water ,telecommunications, door to door deliveries, fuel stations, funeral services, media among others will continue to operate.

He has requested KCCA to fumigate around markets and cargo park points to keep mosquitoes that would increase the spread of malaria.


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