University Hostels: Hostels located around Kyambogo University

University Hostels: Hostels located around Kyambogo University
One of the hostels around Kyambogo University

Students’ life around Kyambogo university is one of the simplest and cheapest for an average university student residing in a hostel.

Hostels around Kyambogo University offer good services at affordable prices compared to those hostels around Makerere University and Uganda Christian University, Mukono.

The cost of Hostel rooms range between 300,000/= and 1,200,000/= per semester.

Hostels with self contained rooms and shuttles (Buses) that carry students to and from campus charge higher fees than those hostels without such services.

Below is a list Kyambogo university hostels with charges per room per semester.

Decity Courts Hostel  500,000-650,000/=
Erima Hostel Girls 500,000 – 850,000/=
Palm Hostel Both Male & Female 250,000 – 500,000/=
Golofa Cave Hostel Both Male & Female 350,000 -600,000/=
Sports Pro Hostel Female 450,000 – 900,000/=
TBK Both Male & Female 350,000 -450,000/=
Excutive Corner Hostel Mixed 400,000 -450,000/=
Jupiter Hostel Mixed 350,000 – 600,000/=
Kiwamirembe Hostel Girls Hostel 350,000 -550,000/=
Good Shephered Both Male & Female 470,000 – 550,000/=
Blessed Grils Hostel For Girls only 450,000 – 550,000/=
Bavana Hostel Both Male & Female 500,000 – 900,000/=
St.Marys Hostel Both Male & Female 450,000 -700,000/=
Wamala Girls Hostel For Girls only
Trinity students Hostel For Girls only 650,000 – 950,000/=
Wilshere Hostel Mixed 450,000-1.2m
Goshen Hostel 300,000 -450,000/=
Eniad Hostel For Girls only 450,000 -600,000/=
Servite Students Hostel Both Male & Female 450,000 -800,000/=
Choice Hostel Mixed 350,000 -450,000/=
Noberts Hostel 700,000/=
Villyvoo Hostel
Imara Hostel
St. George Hostel Girls only 450,000 -600,000/=
Jussy Hostel Mixed 350,000/=
Liam Hostel
Cosy Hostel Girls only 300,000- 480,000/=
Cariton Hostel 450,000 -600,000/=
Seed Faith Hostel 350,000 -450,000/=
Tal Hostel
Mars Hostel For Girls only 450,000 -700,000/=
Taf Hostel For Girls only 350,000 -450,000/=

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