University Students to Enjoy “Post Valentine”

University Students to Enjoy “Post Valentine”

Its usually a day full of fun, excitement, hanging out as university students celebrate the 14 of February in style. This coming Sunday which is the Day for love ‘Valentines’ finds students home since the Universities are set to re open in March.

Bars still closed, other meeting places restricted with hard guidelines the government also insists that Curfew is a “very paramount” Standard Operating Procedure in curbing the spread of Covid19. This makes the idea of celebrating valentines in style complicated.

Valentines usually finds campusers around town but this time round transport givers are celebrating, some joined the ‘Stingy Men Association’ and others with real loving hearts will definitely be bored ‘bambi‘.

Valentines is a day that lovers cannot dare to miss. Amidst lockdown, lovers should lay strategies and plans of celebrating post valentine in March or find distinguished ways of celebrating it.

Pouring love messages endlessly, frequent calls to remind your loved ones how much you love them, to keep them thinking about you all the time send gifts through taxis if possible, these could be some of the ways to celebrate your special day of LOVE differently.

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