UNSA to celebrate International Students Day

UNSA to celebrate International Students Day


UNSA members with the minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Jessica Alupo
UNSA members with the minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Jessica Alupo

This year Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) marks 25 years of service in promoting students as agents of change in society.

UNSA is a democratically elected National Students Council (NSC) formed under Section 30 of the Education Act.

UNSA is the voice and support of students in post primary academic institution.

It is under the Patronage of the President of the Republic of Uganda.

The International Students day will be a two-day event held in Mbale District. It will start on the 16th November 2013 with the meeting of the Inter Guild Council (Residential) in support to the theme and best ways to be the agents of behavior change for transformation.

The inter-guild council will focus on their careers as leaders of tomorrow in accordance to Vision 2040 and we shall provide for them skills as leaders of tomorrow, enable networking amongst peers and mentors. They will also discuss the importance of national service as tomorrow’s leaders and resolution drawn from the meeting will be communicated on the final day of the students day 17th November 2013.


  1. To Restore national service
  2. To integration foreign/International student
  3. To create effective leadership among students
  4. To create ideological transformation
  5. To increase entrepreneurship development/management
  6. To create peer education in health and wholeness
  7. To create civic awareness
  8. To improve on academic integrity & ethics
  9. To produce responsible students and citizens for national and regional development.

To achieve the above, the national students body of Uganda seeks to spearhead the restoration of “National Service” According to the constitution of the republic of Uganda Chapter 3 Article 17 1(e) states, “to defend Uganda and to render national service when necessary”

This being a responsibility of the citizens, UNSA seeks to rekindle the service amongst the youth who are the leaders of today and tomorrow so as to establish, national unity, cohesion, skill development, enhance education practically, promote community service and bridge the labor gap in the country hence availing the youth an opportunity to serve the country and head towards national Development.

Aware that by virtue of the positions we occupy in our society, we are the vanguard of the youth and have the duty by our endowment of enlightenment, energy and selflessness to play a leading and progressive role in the building of a free, peaceful and prosperous Uganda.

Therefore we seek for your support and guidance towards achieving the above motives.


  • It will reduce the high levels of unemployment
  • To create cohesion among the youth hence promote the creation of affirmative action
  • Increase household income through entrepreneurship development and management hence reduce poverty
  • Participation towards national development
  • Promote awareness among people hence create constitutional awareness and promote human rights plus national Unity

Above all, it is empowerment to all the youth at large plus create an equally same rate of development across regions.

 Compiled By: Hon. Emmanuel Wabwire

Secretary International Affairs

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