UPDATES: Who will be Makerere university's next Chancellor

UPDATES: Who will be Makerere university's next Chancellor
Makerere university main building.
Makerere university main building.

Gentlemen and ladies, I wish to report to you that Makerere university council is sitting on Wednesday October 21, 2015. Information reaching us indicates that the council members shall be presented to members nominated by the public for the office of the chancellor by the search committee.

Among the people interested in the position; Dr. Ezra Suruma the former finance minister, Justice Benjamin Odoki, and Prof Charles Olweny.
Council shall vote and forward two names to the president for appointment. We therefore wish the best candidate a favor.

In the same council meeting, we have proposed for presentation by the guild president and deputy for sending back the university policy on tuition payment of 100% by the 6th week to senate for review since it is unfeasible currently.

There has been a rumor over the increment in graduation fees by some people and on that note we wish to inform the entire students’ body that NO INCREMENT has been made by the university and therefore the status quo remains.

Also related, the issue of graduation gowns that has been raised, we also would like to inform fellow colleagues that there was a subcommittee ceremonies meeting of senate and one member made a suggestion which is yet to be discussed by various university committees including students welfare committee, and council which have all not sat. It is therefore far-sighted that we do not assume this as right since no decision has been reached by the relevant authorities.

What has been going through is not true and we beseech you to always verify information for a better Makerere.

We wish also wish to notify and invite everyone to come and participate in the ongoing projects within the university. There is going to be an exhibition of Higher Institutions’ Science & Technology at the freedom square on 22nd and 23rd this week. Similarly, there is also blood donation at the same venue and therefore you are called on to donate and save lives.

On Friday this week, there is going to be Capital FM’s Biggest Next Big Presenter auditions at the guild offices at 10 AM. Please participate in this incredible opportunity you never know.

We shall later join at the Swimming Pool for Bob FM’s Country Music show live where lots of experience, happening and fun will be. You are therefore asked not to remain behind schedule.

Otherwise let us read hard to achieve our major objectives in this institution.

We thank you honorably for your resilience, patience and love for Makerere University. Let us Build for the future.

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