Uplifting the retirement age to 75 undermines graduates

Micheal Jackson Kabushenga from Mbarara university
Micheal Jackson Kabushenga from Mbarara university

By Micheal Jackson Kabushenga

Sometimes I force my ears to listen to certain things. Seriously with the current rate of unemployment in “This pearl of Africa” which should actually be doing better than today.

Someone stands and says they want to raise the retirement age for all public servants!

I think we are just so tolerant but at least we shouldn’t be undermined to this level of raising the retirement age to 75.

Really,then what shall the generations graduating from the different universities do, isn’t this aimed at demoralizing them?

Guys,like Shakespeare said, “each player has his home on the stage”, lets all respect that! What makes one believe that the strokes he has failed to pull off for 60 years can be pulled off at 75?

Whoever is for this retirement age thing, I still refer you to the economic law of diminishing returns.

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