Use foods to lose weight

Use foods to lose weight

Body weight is sometimes as a result of eating the right foods the wrong way, it could be hormonal and genetic which will have you gain a lot of weight uncontrollably.

These do not need any extraordinary remedy because the foods that are in your reach can help you reduce the fat if you eat them the right way.

You do not gain weight because of consuming only sugary foods but also salt which converts into water and makes us grow fat. Both of them should be consumed minimally and after consumption enough water should be taken so that the body can keep dehydrated.

When trying to lose weight

There are common mistakes that people make when trying to loose weight which will make their results futile and they end up complaining that nothing is working out for them.

You may think that juicing is healthy and okay but too much of it may add sugars into your body and you end up putting on more weight.

But when you want to take juice, make sure you do it the right way in a way that you will take one type of fruit and add a vegetable into it which will make it more healthy for you consumption alternatively you can avoid juicing fast.

Do not rush to eat just because you are feeling hungry but rather use hunger and satiety to your advantage by first taking water as soon as you start feeling hungry.

Apart from eating the right foods, also make sure to follow your daily exercising routine because this will not only enable you lose weight but also maintain you physical fitness and fight some disease.

There are also other things like supplements and green tea that you can consume alongside the foods and positive results will be achieved.

How to cook and retain food nutrients

This starts from the market when you have gone to buy food, make sure you check the colour, texture which has to be firm and there should be no damage on the fruits and vegetable you are buying.

After buying them, store them in a facility that will enable them to retain their freshness and when they are kept fresh, you are sure that the nutrients are not destroyed.

Long storage will also make the food expired, less fresh and these should not be consumed because it could cause food poisoning in the body.

In order to retain the nutrients of the green, wash them before cutting because washing it after cutting will have you wash off the nutrients and make sure that you cut big pieces not small.

Vegetables should be prepared with little water for five or less than five minutes and the saucepan should be covered so that the vapour which also has nutrients does not escape.

It is not safe to consume vegetables when the y are raw but in case one has the desire to do that, you get warm water, put some salt in it and wash the vegetable in the water then you can go ahead and eat it.

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