The Higher Education Student’s Financing Board has partnered with Victoria University Uganda as a move towards supporting the learners who can not afford education for higher institutions of learning.

The unveiling of the project happens at Victoria University Uganda weeks after the University joins other public and a few private Universities in Uganda to acquire a University Charter.

On Monday according to the University Vice Chancellor Prof. Lawrence Muganga, “the HESFB finds it relevant now for Victoria University Uganda to extend students loans scheme within the partnership because it meets the requirements like other Universities forexample acquisition of a University Charter and offering accredited programs.

Muganga also added that the University shall by March next year start offering the PHD programs in different professions because it has exhibited potential for securing student’s future in education.

On the same occasion, while welcoming a thousands of new students at the University, Prof. Muganga highlighted that very many students are out there with no capacity to pay tuition fees and therefore through the HESFB with Victoria University Uganda, one can have education opportunity with no any form of disturbance at the University until completion of the course and pay later after graduation, he included.

Michal Wanyama the Executive Director HESFB described that the purpose of the organization is to support only those students who can’t afford University tuition fees through borrowing them money.

“As students borrow money, payment is made back after the students graduate and offered a job hence a grace period is given which doubles the duration of the course studied by a student. ”

Since 2014 a total of 12780 students have been support by the organization at diplomas and degree level in the field of engineering and mathematics,” Wanyama said.

Wanyama however noted that there is a criteria the HESFB follows to offer the loan schemes to the students and of those is the proof that a student can not afford to pay for university education forexample an orphan, the former school like UPE and USE, how many family members among others.


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