Watch the live coverage of RAN IGNITE Innovator Series this Friday 13th Feb 2015

Watch the live coverage of RAN IGNITE Innovator Series this Friday 13th Feb 2015

The Campus Times is pleased to bring you live coverage of the RAN IGNITE Innovator Series taking place at RAN Innovations Lab, Plot 30, Upper Kololo Terrace (Near Nyonyi Gardens), Kololo, Kampala Uganda.

The ResilientAfrica Network (RAN), School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences (CHS), Makerere University is hosting the IGNITE Innovator Series.

The series are an interactive session bringing together a community of resilience role models, innovators, agriculturalists, environmental experts, students, faculty, social scientists, policy makers, engineers, behavioral scientists, public health specialists and anthropologists to foster development of creative approaches and practices to address communities’ most pressing challenges.

Theme: “Creating an Enabling Ecosystem for Resilience Innovations”

One Professor hinted that our innovations were not ‘resilient’ therefore questions like; what is a resilient innovation? What kind of dimensions/sectors of our society does resilience address? Why are some the current solutions failing? Could this be the pivot of the innovation bubble? ….will all be answered.

The  speakers will give an acumen into how a resilient ecosystem functions; what it means to be resilient as an individual or community; define what resilient innovations are; how they are integrated into society; what opportunities are available for innovators?

The improved clarity of such questions and tools will allow and improve livelihoods, stabilize household incomes, strengthen food security measures, prepare communities for any shocks caused by stresses from climate variability, detection of any possible outbreaks, create sustainable farming methods with smarter response systems among others.

Also, on the same evening, Makerere UniversitySchool of Public Health, College of Health Sciences (CHS), (RAN) shall introduce some of the innovations under the RAN lab and share some of their success factors.

Speakers at the event include;

Dr Roy William Mayega, Deputy Chief of Party RAN

Michael Niyitegeka, Accreditation Consultant-Uganda, ICDL Africa

Dr Dorothy Okello, Lab Director of Eastern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab

Dr Galukande Moses, Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery, Department of Surgery/ Health Professionals Education Specialist.

The innovation bubble has been growing steadily for the last 5years and impressive solutions like Mobile Money, SMS banking, low cost food preservation methods, resistant hybrid crops, water harvesting and management methods among others have emerged. Some of which worked (in our communities) and others have failed horribly.

You can follow and participate in the  live video, text, photo and social media reporting below through twitter hash tags  #RANignite and whatsapp to 0784300556.

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