West land Hostel
Westland hostel

Housed in a quite quiet and isolated corner, without a signpost, Westland student Hostel can be mistaken for a personal residence. Concealed in a perimeter wall of quite remarkable height, the rather non storey facility, a unique feature not so common of hostel investors, this facility is visibly shielded from open public access strengthening the privacy safety of residents.

Interior of the perimeter wall, Westland is quiet in its own form. The rowdiness and noising of students especially in their residences is visibly not notable, only a simple gateman young and sturdy in build is available to give us courtesy.

Information Break down

Hostel Name: Westland Hostel

WestLand hostel
Westland Hostel

Location: 200 metres off Kimera road Kikoni Makerere

Specification: Mixed

Perks: Quiet residential environment

Services available: Basic accommodation services, shuttle etc.

Charges:  Range from 600,000 to 700,000

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