What if the ‘other gender’ also gifted men?

What if the ‘other gender’ also gifted men?

Why should men be neck tied by the ‘other gender’ when efforts to gift them specially on special days like Valentine Day, Birth days or anniversaries prove severe?

On an outskirt of an afternoon of a Friday of 14th February 2020, I moved to the rest rooms at workplace, I bumped into a coworker sniveling and very upset. Of course, I wanted to know why she was crying, but what was my best way to make sure she felt safe as she narrated the ordeal!  

The issue was the ‘Matter of the Heart’ it was around 4 o’clock and she had neither received a ‘Valentine hamper’ nor a text message from the person who says ‘his heart is perfect because she’s inside’.

Of course, I soothed her with my other colleague that all was well. At about 15 minutes to 5 O’clock, a safe boda guy peeped in with a banquet of flowers, wrapped with a bottle of wine and many more goodies.

The mood changed with a shy, smiling face, that eventually turned into tears and then what, phone calls!

I thought if she had earlier on sent a gift to him as well, I asked her if she did and she objected saying, ‘For what’. I kept wondering if giving gifts on ‘Love Days’ is a man thing only. What if the ladies also started giving gifts as well, wouldn’t the man feel loved and special?

The socially constructed idea that men are hard to please should be attacked in all ways possible, who on the earth doesn’t love to be appreciated, loved and cared for?

Dear ladies, how about you saved money prior to please your husbands, your lovers and ‘future husbands’?

Mind you, the idea that gent’s gifts are expensive should not be an excuse route to stop you from gifting men, just be tactful of budgets, a small, inexpensive gift every once in a while, like this Valentine Day is really a cool idea to enhance the bond.

Ladies be mindful of the gifts you give to your lovers. If you are a big earner and he is not, try to get small gifts to avoid unnecessary stress when your man tries to compete or feels like they cannot match the kind of gifts you gave, it becomes pesky.

With Valentine’s coming in, ladies I implore you to balance the boat, let’s not whimper because we didn’t receive the gifts from ‘gents’ lets cooperate, and go beyond the norms that only men gift women. Giving and receiving gifts is simply a pleasurable thing to do for anyone no matter the gender.

More so, some people’s love language is receiving gift, some men might be in love but are moved by the idea of receiving from their ladies, something small like a candy may not be an issue, but can shift mountains.

As the rule of the world, everyone likes a little surprise, in one way or the other, ladies, do it in this love season and ascertain the difference.

The idea that ladies gift men in bed with love making should be disparaged. No, love making is a mutual thing and it should never be an escape route to discard gifting men.

Nothing makes for a healthy relationship quite like mutual random gifting, communication.

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