What it means to be a parent at university

Being a parent at school is extremely demanding as you get torn apart with the many responsibilities, you have to attend school and to your child. The matters get worse when you have no source of income. Some University parents had this to say about their young parenthood life.

Was the child planned for?

Jack a third year student and father of two months old baby says it was a mistake. “No one ever plans to have a kid when they have no job, no money and no one to lean on” Jack says.

Isaac a third year student father of a six months baby boy says he was trapped by the girl who suspected that he had another girl friend. “She thought I was cheating on her and she intentionally got pregnant, she is now regrets what she did because things are not good financial ways.” Isaac says.

Martin says he is even not sure whether the child is his or not. “I engaged with her once and that day I was drunk, the following month she bravely told me she was pregnant” Martin Says Martin says that at times he forgets that he is a father.

Jane mother of eight months old girl says she stays with her boyfriend. “We didn’t plane for it but when it happened, we all took it” Jane says

How they took it?

Jane says she felt scared “most especially when I thought on how my mother had warned me never to give birth before I have fully established myself.”

Martin says that day he drunk to the fullest “My family is one that sales everything and even borrow from neighbors to get me tuition so I didn’t know what to do” he says.

How did the parents take it?

“They had no option but to accept it but my dad got so disappointed in me” Jack says the girl’s parents tried to arrest him but he hid for a month

“I missed some tests at school and now I have three second year retakes because of that” he says.

“Which parent can I ever tell that miserable story? I have never said it to anyone at home? That would never be fair to my parents, they send you for a degree and you bring kids?” Martin says.

How do you get financial support?

“We are all government sponsored students so we utilize all the money we get and provide for our kind.” Jack says.

Martin says he gets money from friends and asks the parent’s money for up keep to meet the baby’s needs.

“Can you imagine I reached an extent of going to off load things in kikubo to get money for upkeep” Isaac says

Isaac says the kid has taught him to be a man and to do everything to get what he wants.

Jane and the boyfriend have a mobile money business where they survive “but when things become worse, we turn to our parents who help”

Do you think you will end up together?

Jane says they will end up together “We plane so many things and I have never seen him cheat on me, and now we have the strongest bond and that is our child.” Jane says.

Martin says he can’t marry the girl because he never loved her “Whenever I see her, I get angry and feel very bad how can l marry her” he says

How do you manage school and the child?

Jane says she has a maid who stays with the kid at home as she is at the mobile money and they boyfriend is at school, in the evening, the boyfriends comes to mobile money as she goes for lectures.

“But it is not easy as I had thought maids don’t look after the child responsibly sometimes you can find the child crying when the maid is sleeping.” She says

The names have been changed for privacy.












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