What to know before dating a campus girl

Campus girls enjoying their life during an outing
Campus girls enjoying their life during an outing

Campus life is full of fan, excitement, and above all, a time to discover who you are, and those you are moving out with.

And as it is said that, “behind every successful man there is a woman behind ” most gents are always eying for campus girls.

But before you incite one and say out all the sweet nothings to her, note the following.

What you should know before dating a campus girl;

Be ready for competition. If you decide to date a campus girl, be ready to face competition from other men. Statistics show that majority of campus girls move out with over two men. There is always a man who takes care of her hair, another one buys shoes, the other takes her out. In case you are a fellow student, you do for her the course works and any other academic work. Remember some lecturers are always in the same boat.

Must be a big  spender. Dating a campus girl is as expensive as a golden cake. You should be ready to take her out every weekend. Buy her cosmetics, latest trends of bags, shoes, clothes and son on. Once you fail to do so, someone else will do it on your behalf and you will end up heart broken for no good cause.

Be ready for a Heart break. Most campus girls have friends just like any other person. But you should know that among the so many friends she has, some are genuine friends and others are genuine rose bed fellows with similar love intentions just as yours. She will save his phone number as Jane yet he is the one taking her out a party. At one time you be heart broken and be ready for it.

Date for the right reasons. Don’t fall in love with a campus girl to feel cool or because other people are dating. Date for the right reasons and make your expectations clear before it’s too late. Say I love you for ADCD…. If you don’t assure her that you will wed her or be the future father to her kids, you may be considered as a player and not a respectful husband.

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