Why you may not get the job despite having the required qualifications

Sharon Kakyo (not real name) was denied a job despite having all the qualifications, to her surprise, it was offered to someone else with a second class lower despite one of the requirements being a first class degree. Just like Kakyo, so many people wonder why they fail to get jobs despite answering all the interviews questions right and having the required papers. Here is why you may not get the job despite having all the necessary qualifications.


Dorothy Nabatanzi the director Rota Tech notes that all an employer needs is a confident employee, you should be able to express yourself with ease while not passing as annoying (being over confident).

She says that some people act shy while others can’t explain a simple matter, there is no way you can hire this person even with their first class degree and leave one with a second upper who can express themselves well. Every employer looks for someone who will put their business to another level by addressing certain issues and challenges with confidence and has the ability to make bold decisions.


The way you answer your questions speaks volumes about your character, some people get rejected for acting rude, harsh, bossy, proud or are the I know more type. You should be calm though not be mistaken as dull and show that you are hungry to learn.

“Very sharp people are hard to manage and very dull people may not be eligible for the job as this shows you may not work well with others. Any person seeking for a job should be average,” says Karen Echelai, an administrator at QG group.

Being desperate

Echelai adds that when you show the panel that you are so desperate for the job, you will automatically lose out because every question will be answered out of pressure. Some people concentrate on getting the job that they can’t ask what the job entails. She notes that however much you need the job, show your employer that you also have a stand as a person and have some desires. Take time to ask a question or two to know what is required of you.

Being too ambitious

Nabatanzi adds that showing your employer that you have too much ambition could cost you, this shows your employer that you could do anything to reach your goals after getting the job. Being over ambitious starts from the salary estimation you give, the working conditions you demand, asking about promotions among other things.

Your history

We all have a history but some could haunt you for a lifetime, some people have had damages at their previous work places that don’t allow them to get a job anywhere else despite the required experience, qualifications and confidence. For example cases of fraud, sexual harassment among others,

Therefore Nabatanzi urges people to carry themselves well and leave no bad impression as this could cost them a great fortune in future.

However we can’t rule out the fact that sometimes employers advertise for formality. Most of these people put the advert yet they already have their people in mind, failing an interview doesn’t show you are weak, dull, incapable or unlucky and that is never the end of the rod. Nabatanzi notes that you should keep your hopes high and ears open for other opportunities.


How to follow up after the interview

Dorothy Nabatanzi the director Rota Tech gives us tips on how to follow up after an interview.  

Sometimes people lose on jobs because they don’t follow up after interviews, this shows your to be employer that you are less interested in the job.

Send an email to the person and inquire about the progress, this should be done in the simplest way possible to not turn out as being desperate. Send greetings, drive your point (inquire) and sign off with a thank you and your names. You don’t need to explain how you badly need the job.

You can alternatively call and ask how far the process has gone, make the phone call as formal as possible. This will show your employer that you are responsible as well as interested in the job.

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