Win a scholarship for a bachelor’s program in art and design, music, the liberal arts or drama from The New School in New York City

Win a scholarship for a bachelor’s program in art and design, music, the liberal arts or drama from The New School in New York City
The new school competition
How to join the competition
Register: Once you enter the challenge, you will sign up with your name and email address or log in using your Student Competitions account
THE NEW SCHOOL QUIZ” Show your knowledge of your future school and its NYC campus!
Logical reasoning test: Time to put your thinking cap on! This step will test your logic and reasoning skills. Answer these multiple-choice questions and put your left brain to work!
Select your school: Which of these participating undergraduate divisions of The New School in New York City will be a bridge to your future career?

School Specific Quiz: Multiple-choice questions related to your chosen school and its field of study
Creative case & short motivational statement: Solve the case by uploading a video – don’t limit your creativity and imagination! Then write a short motivational statement
Share on Facebook & collect recommendations from friends: Collect recommendations to increase your chances of winning – let your friends help you reach all the way to New York
Apply to your chosen school & program: Apply to your chosen program by February 1, 2014. Visit The New School’s website for school requirements and deadlines.(This step is only applicable for high school/college graduates & transfer students who are competing for the scholarship. High school students (graduating after June 2014) competing for additional prizes do not have to apply to The New School)

Important dates

October 1, 2013: Competition opens for participation
February 1, 2014: Competition closes. All competition components must be completed and submitted
February 1, 2014: Application deadline – all necessary school and program documents must be received by The New School (only applicable for participants competing for the scholarships)
February 15, 2014: Finalists are announced
April 4, 2014: Winners of the scholarships & additional prizes are announced
Fall 2014: Begin your semester at The New School in New York City!

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all high school students and college students worldwide interested in applying or transferring to one of the five participating divisions at The New School. Scholarship winners must be a high school graduate on or before June 2014. The winners are expected to start their undergraduate program in the fall of 2014.

Screening process

  • For the first part of the screening process, Student Competitions will judge and select 20 candidates per school.
  • All participants will be judged according to their overall performance in the competition. Finalists will be chosen based on competition results and video presentation of the creative case.
  • In order to be selected as a finalist, the participant needs to submit a full application to their chosen school and program by February 1, 2014.
  • The New School will then select and award the three prize winners based on the applicant’s video presentation of the creative case, educational background. These students will be contacted April 4, 2014 and published on Student Competitions website.

For every school, there will be a first prize, second prize and additional prize.

 For more details on how to apply visit:

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