Yale Vice-President Visits Makerere to Strengthen Ties

Yale Vice-President Visits Makerere to Strengthen Ties

The two – days official visit to the University is intended to boost the two year Makerere University and Yale University (MUYU) partnership.

Lewis who also doubles as deputy provost for international affairs was hosted by the Makerere University Vice Chancellor Barnabas Nawangwe to renew where the two signed and renewed the Memorandum of Understanding.

“Yale University is a research institute. We are mainly interested in research and capacity building for the African students through our Yale Africa Initiative,” Lewis told a group of alumni and MUYU well-wishers in a meeting at Serena Hotel.

The MUYU initiative that started as student exchange program that allows medical students from the two Institutions to visit each other, study, learn and network with each other

“The diversity in culture, structures, and ways of doing things will be beneficial to students from both institutions. You are both learning from each other and that is a good thing” remarked Uganda Deborah Malac the USA Ambassador in Uganda.

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