How to identify a real Ugandan

How to identify a real Ugandan
Nkumba University students revising for exams.
Nkumba University students revising for exams.

People are identifies according to what they do and how they associate with others in public. And if you want to find out who a Ugandan is, here we go;

Sixteen things to know he/she is a Ugandan

  1. Goes to a restaurant and orders Mpaa nga Eyolii
  2. They are always dishing other people’s cars, especially the Vitz yet
  3. they don’t even own a bicycle.
  4. They say 207 when they mean 2007
  5. They point at stuff with their lips…Muvewano!
  6. Reads your newspaper with you in the Taxi and gets angry when you flip over the page.
  7. Goes to study in India and returns with an American accent…”Yu na wha am sayin?”
  8. You invite them home for a birthday party and they come empty-hand-ed and VERY hungry.
  9. Borrows your pen and never returns, and if they do return it, the tip has been chewed!.
  10. When relatives come over to visit, they expect you to give them back
  11. there transport to and fro.
  12. When surprised their first word is ‘Mama nze!’
  13. Introduces himself/herself by saying ‘My names are’
  14. Puts Avocado in all types of food even crisps SMH.
  15. They fear meeting police at night than a robber!
  16. Buys mineral water once and re-uses the bottle with tap water for 2 months.
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