100.2 Galaxy Fm Ex-Presenter Prim Asiimwe Joins NRG Radio

100.2 Galaxy Fm Ex-Presenter Prim Asiimwe Joins NRG Radio

Radio star Prim Asiimwe made headlines in April when she decided to part ways with Galaxy FM after a decade-long tenure. However, the talented broadcaster has now unveiled her exciting new venture as she officially joins NRG Radio.

Prim’s departure from Galaxy FM was met with curiosity as she kept her next move under wraps. In a heartfelt statement, she expressed her gratitude to Galaxy FM’s management, her family, friends, colleagues, and most importantly, her loyal listeners. Her departure left many wondering about her next chapter in the radio industry.

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Keeping her fans engaged and eager for updates, Prim took to her social media platforms to unveil her exciting new journey. She delightedly announced that she has officially joined NRG Radio, setting the stage for a thrilling new phase in her career.


Taking on the helm of the NRG morning show program, Prim will be hosting the highly anticipated NRG Breakfast Club. Joining forces with the talented Eka, BigBoy Shaque, and DJ Beats, Prim is set to bring a fresh and dynamic energy to the airwaves. Listeners can expect an invigorating blend of entertaining banter, captivating discussions, and a stellar selection of music to kickstart their mornings.

With her wealth of experience and undeniable charisma, Prim is poised to make a lasting impact at NRG Radio. Her arrival is sure to create a buzz among radio enthusiasts and fans alike, as they eagerly tune in to witness the chemistry and magic she will bring to the NRG Breakfast Club.

As Prim embarks on this new professional endeavor, her fans are thrilled to accompany her on this exciting journey. With her infectious enthusiasm and undeniable talent, she is set to conquer the airwaves and cement her status as one of the most captivating radio personalities of her generation.

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