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Jobs at:Health Services Commission

Job application procedure
Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants to fill vacant posts tenable at Ministry of Health Headquarters. The Application should be filled ONLINE at www.hscers.ug and submitted to the Secretary, Health Sen/ice Commission not later than 3rd January, 2020. The link to the E-recruitment system can also be accessed from the Commission’s website on www.hsc.go.ug
1. Applicants are advised to:
a) Complete PSF 3 and keep it for future reference.
b) Secure a scanned passport size photograph (JPEG format).
c) Scan only the relevant documents.
d) Creole an email address in case you do not have one.
2. Relevant Documents include the following:
a) Academic and professional certificates (UCE. UACE, Professional Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Fellowships).
b) Evidence of training in specialized areas where applicable
c) Letters 0t appointment, confirmation and promotion where applicable.
d) Registration certificates and valid practicing licenses for health workers who are required by law to register with relevant Professional Councils.
e) National and current Institutional identity Cards.
f) Priority should be given to uploading only the relevant documents in, the job specifications. Shortlisted applicants Will have the opportunity to
present additional relevant qualifications.
3. Application Process
a) Visit the website www.hers.ug or www.hsc.go.ug and follow the link to hers.ug
b) Study the information about the advert
c) Go to “Job seekers log in” and register. If you are already registered, log ln with your registered details, update your profile where necessary, proceed to (d) and (e) below ‘
d) View the jobs
e) Select one job of your choice, APPLY ONLINE and upload all relevant documents and SUBMIT.
Detailed guidance on how to apply is provided on the website.
4. It is emphasized that: ,
a) Keep a copy of the completed PSF 3
b) The application should be completed and submitted ONLINE.
c) Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. » .

d) Shortlisted candidates shall be required to bring their original certificates, letters of appointment, three copies of completed PSF 3, Registration Certificates and Valid Practicing Licenses, and evidence of active service, at the oral interview.
e) Candidates who will present forged certificates shall be handed over to the Police for appropriate action.
f) Health Workers who are on long term training [one year and above) must not apply.
5. In case of need, you are advised to seek help from the Health Service Commission. the Ministry of Health or the nearest National or Regional Referral Hospital Human Resource Unit. in addition, the Health Service Commission will respond to inquiries by telephone on 0414-254378 or 041348501, or email at info@hsc.go.ug , or ers.help@hsc.go.ug
All services of the Health Service Commission are provided free of charge and equal opportunity is given to all qualified applicants.

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