14,000 People to Receive Employment at Kiira Motors Start of Business

14,000 People to Receive Employment at Kiira Motors Start of Business
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The Kiira Smack, one of the vehicles assembled Kiira motors
Kiira Motors Corporation is to employ over 14, 000 people when it starts locally assembling vehicles. The firm has already started training some of its staff for competence certification as they prepare to begin production in 2020.

Eight technical employees have been undergoing metal welding and fabrication training at Lugogo Vocational Institute for three weeks and were yesterday presented before the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) to assess their level of skills.

The Kiira Motors business development manager, Mr Allan Muhumuza, yesterday confirmed that they have started connecting water pipelines, electricity and making access roads at the assembly plant to pave way for construction, slated to be complete in December 2019.

“We are training our staff so that when production starts, we already have all the necessary skills to boost the business. There will be 2,000 direct employment and 12,000 indirect job creation. The vehicles will be locally made and customised for the users’ needs,” Mr Muhumuza said.

He added that Kiira motor will produce 5,000 vehicles annually at a competitive rate.

Over $40m (about Shs149 billion) was approved by cabinet to support the construction of the plant on a 100-acre piece of land in Jinja Industrial Park, in Kagogwa Village.

Half of the land will be used as testing ground for the vehicles while 50 acres will host the plant.

Dr Michael Okumu, the DIT deputy director assessment and certification department, advised employers to closely assess workers before recruitment.

“The problem with Ugandans is that we want as many degrees as possible. But how much can an individual offer in the world of work? If there is a job and you ask the candidate what skills they have, you hear them saying they can speak or debate. But employers are looking, for example, if you are a driver, if you can repair a car in case there is a breakdown,” Mr Okumu said.

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