5 Things Students/Parents should Consider when Choosing a University in Uganda

5 Things Students/Parents should Consider when Choosing a University in Uganda

Choosing the right university in Uganda can be daunting. Campustimesug has listed ten (10) key things to look at when choosing a university to study from.

It is an important decision that will affect you for the next few years of your life or possibly even your career. This is why you should take the time to consider all university options available to you after your GCE A-Level examinations or after obtaining a diploma.


Before you spend any time investigating a college, first make sure it is accredited. This means that an officially licensed organization has vetted the school and reviewed its curriculum to verify that it meets basic academic standards for higher education.

Most schools will readily provide this information on their website-usually on the About or Admissions pages. If you’re having trouble finding it, just call or email the admissions department.

A college or university can be nationally or regionally accredited. Within a college, specific schools, departments or programs can also have their own accreditation. This ensures that your degree will be recognized by employers and other institutions of higher education.


 Unless you already have a large university savings fund, the cost is probably important to you. Some students look for affluent schools. (The cost of tuition isn’t always reflective of quality) Yet, for others, it is essential to pay for college without taking out student loans. Remember to include room and board, tuition, books, transportation and fees, when calculating the total cost of attending school.


Location is another important aspects to consider when choosing a university since it determines the necessity of evaluating other considerations. If you are applying to a local university, you should know its proximity to your home. Is it within walking distance? Do you need a car to reach your destination?  Do you have access to public transport?

If you are considering universities in a different locality, city, state, or country, you should also consider going there and arranging the house before classes begin. You will need to find a location to stay near, or at least easily accessible to the university.

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Campus Facilities

Campus facilities are highly important for your education as they play the important role of providing students with structure and opportunities for hands-on learning. For example, our campus provides a platform where cybersecurity students can practice their skills with simulated cyber threats. Our campus also includes chemistry and science laboratories, 3D sports motion analysis and more, for students studying life sciences and sports sciences.

Other than laboratories, we also have fully equipped radio and TV studios for Media and Communication students to practice creating their own radio shows or try their hand at conducting their own production shoots. 

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are essential for university students to have a balanced lifestyle. Therefore, you must select a school that provides ample opportunities to explore yourself beyond the classroom. Check if the school you are considering has clubs and after-school programs, and see if any of these are appealing.

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