UWEZO a non profit organization focused on education policies in Uganda has discussed together with the education policy review commission on the education system of Uganda and recommended that the duration of school is too long as compared to output in terms of quality by students on Wednesday in kampala.

The executive director Uwezo Uganda Dr. Mary Goretti Nakabugo addressed journalists that what is being questioned against today in line with education is not making one sided principal but also to look at what it’s implications would be in a short and long term basis.

Basically the teacher policy is very well intentioned but some among the challenge is the lack of female teachers but also the issue of professionalism and therefore Uganda can improve the quality of teaching by adding on the female teachers and at any entry level such as certificate and diploma, she noted.

She described that a policy alone will not automatically equal good teaching but the quality of the people produced makes a big difference however good teaching should not be in terms of qualifications but the preparation of a good teacher.

Nakabugo added that Uganda produces more teachers than it can employ, therefore there is need to first have resources as the already existing teachers in the system are employed.

Uwezo has evidence that indicates how language in education also remains to be a sticky issue and children are experiencing delayed acquisition of the reading and comprehension competencies in select local languages whereas these languages are to be used as the medium of Instruction, she indicated.

Joseph Muvawala Nsekere the Busoga prime minister and deputy chairperson Education Policy Review Commission explained that Uganda is quick at throwing away policies and it has affected UPE because nobody has implemented UPE the way it was designed to be implemented therefore UPE is not clearly identified.

Muvawala included that there is nothing like private and public children Uganda because UPE is being misinterpreted, however the issue of teaching in their mother tongue gives good results and the statistics are right and proven scientifically.

He however said that some of the local languages are not easy to write or learn effectively, for instance Lusoga and the question would be should teachers begin teaching using the local languages.

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