8 home remedies to get rid of pimples


By Zuurah Karungi

Pimples are every woman’s night mare, they are sometimes caused by the oily foods we eat or our lifestyles. While trying to get ride of them, women go for all sorts of cosmetic while others resort to pinching them which leads to their re occurrence. To avoid all this, get rid of those pimples naturally.


Jackline katusiime a beautician says bitter lemon will leave your face smooth and stunning. Get a fresh lemon, cut it in half, squeeze out juice and apply it to the face. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with clean water. Do this for a couple of days. Lemons not only remove pimples but also keep it clean and smooth especially for people with oily faces.

However Katusiime notes that you shouldn’t apply lemon to a pinched pimple as they have acidic components and could cause an irritation.

Dont apply lemon juice to pinched pimples.


Toothpaste has the power to remove a pimple within a day or two. Apply it to the affected area while you go to sleep. By morning, you will have a change. Katusiime says you should discontinue in case you get any irritations after application.

Apply toothpaste when going to sleep.


This is one of the best ways of removing pimples, Gorret Mbabazi a nurse notes that pimples are caused by too much oils in our bodies.

“Steaming is one way of getting rid of oils as it opens pours and excretes all the dirt through sweating,” she says.

Boil water, pour it in a basin and place your face in the direction of the evaporating steam. Some people use a cloth to cover themselves for better effects. Do this once a month.

Use Garlic

Garlic has so many benefits and removing pimples is one of them. They have acids that will remove them as well as prevent them from re occurring.

Squeeze juice and apply it on the affected area. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Garlic Juice remove pimples in a week.


Use honey to remove pimples as well, apply it to the affected area. Leave it for sometime and rinse, this will keep your face smooth as well as remove rashes and pimples.

How to avoid pimples

Use jelly’s

Katusiime says that the constant change of cosmetics is one of the main reasons women get pimples, one should stick to one type of cosmetic or resort to jelly’s as they have no effect on the skin.

Mind what you eat

Pimples are an indication that your body is being over loaded with too much oils. Katusiime notes that you should avoid junk food and stick to organic foods( straight from the garden or animals) as these have natural nutrients that will prevent you skin from attacks.

Mbabazi notes that you should take plenty of water as this will keep the skin hydrated and healthy. One should take eight glasses a day.

Eat fruits

Eat plenty of fruits especially apples, mangoes, jackfruits among others as these are natural, nutritional and healthy.

eat plenty of fruits.

below is a video on how to use home remedies to get rid of pimples.







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