A campus girl is heart broken after sharing a password with her boyfriend.

Before they fell out, sharing the password was as normal as sharing a plate of chips and chicken. But when the relationship turned otherwise, the girl is regretting why she ever did so.  The Campus Times brings you a true letter from a brokenhearted girl who is suffering from the effects of sharing a password with her boyfriend. Here is the letter.

Hello friends,
On this day of the 8th-nov-2013, I have decided to quit Facebook due to a few reasons I wont mention. As I told you before that we shared a password with a person I wont mention, communicating with him will be on your own risk coz I’l not be signed in anymore.(basically I’l be offline en he will be online).

Sharing a password with some one is the best I have experienced but it has a lot of cha…llenges so I don’t argue any girl to do it.
Thanks for the corporation and the love you have showed me,oh my….I don’t think I can leave without you friends.
However,those who would love to communicate with me,my whatsapp number is +256704182016..we can still grab some fun!!!!
For those who aren’t on whatsapp, I’v noted all my Facebook friends’ names down so in the near future if i decide to open up a new account, I’l most definitely huller at you guys.

I repeat,communicating with a person who will be online will be on your own risk.

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