A man eats where he works

Campus students enjoying ajono,a local brew

As the saying goes,” a man eats where he works” several students came up with the idea of forming associations with the aim of conning the guild contestants of their money.

From the faculty of Law, there existed the Law students’ Association for the disabled. Surprisingly; none of the members had any signs of disability. But as the contestants were looking for possible ways of gaining more support, none of them could realize that such an association had never existed.

Mind you, this association existed for about 30minutes after which it rested in eternal ‘boozing’. Perhaps, we are waiting for its resurrection come next guild campaigns.

As if this wasn’t enough, the so called elders of social sciences came up with University Social Science Elders’ Association  (USSEA). Interestingly, the founder members of this association were freshers who had spent less than a year at campus.

The major aim of this association was to get money for ajono, a local brew. This was realized after one of the funding members was hard complaining. This humble gentleman was not good at boozing but his fellow members had insisted that all the money was to be spent on booze.

“If you don’t take booze, form your own association that can only take sodas” he was advised. Indeed it was too late for this gentleman to form his own association, but when The Campus Times contacted him, he promised to form as many associations as he will next year.

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