Abortion on the rise at Campuses

University students receiving free condoms
University students receiving free condoms

As it was, it is no longer the case. Students used to get free condoms from their guild leaders and unwanted pregnancies were a mere say to University students.

Today, students have resorted to abortion as a last resort because most of them fear to ask for them.

According to the campus Times survey, it was revealed that most students are nowadays practicing unsafe sex that has resulted into unwanted pregnancies.

The study further shows that most campus girls do not worry much about HIV/Aids, their strongest worry is conceiving.

Though abstinence is the best, few students can practice it. Unlike in the past where sex was sacred and only practiced in marriage, not so many students can wait for the right time. The major cause is related to moral degeneration resulting from parental neglect. Parents tend to have limited time for their children and leave their role to the house maids.

Other parents occupy their kids with television that is left on almost the whole day and the child is exposed to none educative broadcast.

This coupled with today’s social media like face book, the situation is worsened. “I can’t do without internet”, a student is hard saying. One wonders what this kind of student does with internet.

If not mistaken, this student spends his day chatting with the opposite pattern on matters related to relationship. They finally end up in a relationship yet both are not prepared for the outcome.

The Ugandan law only permits one to abort in cases of rape, defilement, incest and when the mother’s health is at risk if she carries on the pregnancy. Otherwise abortion is illegal and punishable.   Besides death, abortion comes with other effects. Students are at a risk of acquiring STDs.

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