Adding a gym to your house

<strong>Adding a gym to your house</strong>

We have to spend a lot in time and money going to the gym on a daily. Did you know that you can work out at the comfort of and still get the desired results? Having a home gym can be of great convenience as you can work out anytime. Gym instructors and engineers give us tips on the necessities when adding a gym to your house.


The first thing will be to decide where to place your gym, Isaac Musisi a builder notes that you can add it in your house plan as one of the rooms in the house or you can alternatively add a separate room outside the main house.

The room should be spacious to allow a number of people in and to bring in fresh air. Working out needs one to have a piece of mind therefore the gym should be placed in a quiet place. This could be next to the reading room or any place with less jam at home.

Find to place the gym in the house

Workout Area

Ivan Kiwanuka a gym instructor notes that your room should have a window and door since an ideal fitness space should have enough natural light coming in from windows and the door, for lighting especially in the night, add a few bright lamps that use soft white bulbs.

Since it’s a home gym, bringing in plants can also help boost energy levels in the room, these can be plants like Boston ferns, bamboo palms which double as purifiers and air fresheners. On top of the windows, the room should have proper ventilation for enough air circulation.

Rough Floor

If you are to add tiles, make sure they have a rough texture because the slippery one could cause accidents due to the kind of activity in the room.  Alternatively, you can use a carpet to make the floor a little rough. Make sure you floor doesn’t have things that could hurt you while working out, like broken tiles, sharp edges or even broken machines among other things.

Avoid slippery floors


Though you can work out effectively without equipment, Kiwanuka advises that you have a few (vital ones) in your gym room.

These include a rope which is great workout tool to cut belly fat and since it stimulates the whole body, its termed as a general body workout, you will also need, dumbbells for weight lifting, a treadmill to fix leg muscles, a yoga mat in case of meditation (an exercise widely embraced by women), a Swiss ball for high knees up exercises, an abs roller wheel others include Bench, Kettle bells, Spin bike, Weight plate, Stability balls, Foam rollers, Rack among others.

Namukose Mary an interior designer notes that you shouldn’t crowd the place with these items but rather choose the most important ones. Kiwanuka agrees that some equipment can do more than one workout exercise therefore go for the multipurpose ones.

Keep this room out of children’s reach if there is no adult as they could get hurt by the heavy workout machines. Namukose adds that cleanliness is key, clean the room every morning and keep the windows and doors open for aeration.

Workout tools


Kiwanuka notes that shouldn’t be a problem as you can get lessons on tube or even get directions from your gym instructor.

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