African Business Education Initiative for youth Master’s Degree scholarships and Internship Program for Africans to study in Japan

African Business Education Initiative for youth Master’s Degree scholarships and Internship Program for Africans to study in Japan
Cheerful graduates share their smile with parents
Cheerful graduates share their smile with parents

Students can apply for African Business Education Initiative for youth (ABE Initiative) Master’s Degree and Internship Program. The application Deadline for the scholarship is October 15 2014

At the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) held in Yokohama in 2013, the Japanese Government stated its policy of strengthening support for the on-going dynamic growth of Africa with stronger public-private partnerships.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo ABE announced the “ABE Initiative” or “African Business Education Initiative for Youth“, a strategic five-year plan providing 1,000 youths in Africa with scholarship opportunities to study at Japanese universities as well as do internships at Japanese enterprises to foster Africa’s sustainable and sound industrial development.

This Program offers scholarships for youths to study master’s courses in Japanese universities as well as internship opportunities during their stay in Japan.

The objective of the ABE Initiative master’s degree and internship program is to support young personnel who have the potential to contribute to the development of industries in Africa. This program offers opportunities for young African men and women to study at master’s courses in Japanese universities as international students (hereafter referred to as participants) and experience internships at Japanese enterprises. The aim is for them to develop effective skills in order for them to contribute to various fields.

Beyond acquisition of skills and knowledge, this program also intends to cultivate excellent personnel who can recognize and understand the contexts of Japanese society and systems of Japanese enterprises. The expected outcome of the program is a network of potential contributors to the development of African industries who will also lead Japanese businesses to engage further in economic activities in Africa.

This Program offers opportunities for young and eligible African men and women to study at Master’s courses in Japanese universities as international students and to experience internships at Japanese enterprises in order to develop effective skills and knowledge in various fields for them to contribute to industrial development of home country and wider African region. This program aims at human resource development in both private and public sectors of Africa while establishing strong economic ties between Africa and Japan.

Target Participants

Target participants are from among the following three types of personnel.

  1. Persons from the Private Sector
    Young individuals who are or will be involved in economic activities in the local private sector maintaining and developing strong ties with Japanese companies.
  2. Governmental Officials
    Young officials, such as civil servants, who take part in governance and policy-making in order to enhance industries to whose development Japanese companies can contribute.
  3. Educators
    Young individuals who are responsible for educating in Higher Education and TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) institutions in Africa, in order to enhance capacity building in related industries.

Eligible applicants

    1. Citizens of one of the 54 African countries
    2. Between 22 and 39 years old (as of April 1st in the year of you arrival in Japan)
    3. A bachelor’s degree
    4. Applicants from government sectors/ educators who have both of the following:

-At least 6 months working experience at their current organization -Permission from their current organization to apply

  1. Have adequate English proficiency, both in written and oral communication (IELTS score of over 5.5 is preferred)
  2. Clearly understand the objective of this program and have a strong will to contribute to the industrial development of their country while broadening and strengthening the linkage between their country and Japan
  3. Not currently applying or planning to apply to scholarship programs offered by other organizations
  4. Have good health condition, both physically and mentally, to complete the program
  5. Not Military personnel

Number of Participants/ Durations

Participants will be selected and dispatched to Japan in 4 batches and the number of participants for each batch is planned as follows.

  • 1st batch (arrival in Japan in 2014): 150 participants from 4 countries (Republic of Kenya, United Republic of Tanzania, Republic of Mozambique and Republic of South Africa)
  • 2nd batch (arrival in Japan in 2015): 350 participants from 54 African countries
  • 3rd batch (arrival in Japan in 2016): 300 participants from 54 African countries
  • 4th batch (arrival in Japan in 2017): 100 participants from 54 African countries


Japan International Cooperation Agency  will provide the following expenses for participant of the program which are equivalent to similar JICA schemes.
  • Tuition at Japanese university master’s degree programs
  • Allowances for living expenses, outfit, shipping etc. See the box below for more details.
  • Living Allowance: 144,000-147,00 yen/month
  • Air Fee: Return Ticket (Arrival and Return)
  • Outfit Allowance: 106,000 Yen – One Time (Month of First Arrival)
  • Preparation Allowance: 54,000 yen – One Time
  • Moving Allowance- 190,000 Yen
  • Books Allowance- 30,000 Yen – One Time/Year
  • Interior Research – 50,000 Yen – One Time/Year
  • japan-abe-initiative
  • Around-trip airfare
  • Expenses for support programs during the study in Japan, including the costs of observation tours
  • Other costs should be covered by the participants’ organizations or other individuals.

Scholarship Application Documents:

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the  Master’s Degree and Internship Program of the African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE Initiative)

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