African Youth Ambassador for Peace Comments on Kenya Current Instability

The ongoing strikes in the republic of Kenya , comprising majority youths as protesters against the hiked financial bills on fuel and food prices have captured attention from Ms. Nashiba Nakabira, the African Youth Ambassador for Peace (AYAP) in East Africa.


Tuesday in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi,  police fired on protesters after thousands stormed into Kenya’s Parliament and set part of it on fire, according to international news.


However, the Parliament of Kenya approved the finance bill despite the protests. It is now expected to be presented to President William Ruto to sign it into law.


In a statement released, Nashiba calls for various stakeholder’s involvement towards amicable resolution of the matter.


I am deeply concerned with the violent situation in Kenya, that has resulted in the loss of lives for 5 youths and the destruction of Property.


My humble appeal to all stakeholders is to engage in constructive dialogue and respond to the unaddressed grievances of the youth, and the regional actors to work collaboratively on implementing frameworks that protect the youth from any form of violence and nurture youth as key actors in conflict prevention.


I stand in total solidarity with the people of Kenya and urge them to maintain peace, security, and stability.”


Nashiba Nakabira


African Youth Ambassador for Peace (AYAP) – East Africa.


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