Alternative Care Coordinator Job – SOS Children’s Villages

Job Title: Alternative Care Coordinator

Organisation: SOS Children’s Villages

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

Job Ref: SOS-UG/JOBS/2022/21


About US:

SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, locally registered, child-focused, social development non- governmental organization with a strong reputation for providing quality care and protection, education and health needs for vulnerable children. Since its inception in 1991, SOS CV Uganda has reached over 60,000 children, youths and adults directly and indirectly to become empowered and self-reliant to contribute significantly to the needs of their families and communities. Works in partnership with a number of donors, (institutional and corporate agencies) including; Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Grieg Foundation, ERIKS Development Partner, USAID/Bantwana World Education, European Union, AVIS Foundation, Brand Charity, USAID/Uganda Private Health Support Program (UPHSP), Terre des Hommes (TDH), Stanbic Bank Uganda, DHL – Go Teach, Madhvani Group of Companies.


Job Summary: The Alternative Care Coordinator provides leadership and is responsible and accountable for the overall development of children and youths and promoting the child centred approach across the alternative care programme. Coordinates all Alternative Care programme activities and accountable for the overall development and management of SOS families and youth homes. Guides the Alternative Care Programme staff in a strategic way in accordance with the SOS Children’s Villages policies, values, standards and practices and the relevant laws of the country. The Alternative Care Coordinator ensures that the individual and safeguarding needs and rights of children and staff are addressed and respected. The rights and wellbeing of children are at the centre of his/her work. He/she ensures the implementation of the organization’s Alternative Care and child Safeguarding policies and guidelines, effective planning, evaluation, reporting and financial management.


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Strategy and program development
  • To work with Alternative Care professionals and other co-workers at different levels to design and deliver innovative Alternative Care Models.
  • Contributes towards annual and strategic planning in the area of Alternative Child Care work.
  • To implement and evaluate different kinds of Alternative Care models.
  • To identify capacity gaps within the program location and co-workers pertaining to Alternative Care of children, and facilitate capacity building process accordingly.
  • Contributes to policy and guideline development, translation, revision, familiarization and follow-up of proper implementation in the area of Alternative Child Care work.
  • To actively contributes to putting the SOS Children’s Villages Program Policy and related policies into practice taking into consideration national legislation and context.
  • Works closely with relevant local government authorities, Location and National Office Co-workers in carrying out feasibility studies and participates in the development of concept notes and program proposals.
  • Develops detailed program concepts for new types of interventions in the program location jointly with program staff in the locations and submits the same for review by the Head of Programmes and National Director.
  • Leads Alternative Care specific -development projects at the programme location as assigned.
  • Capacity building, knowledge management and information dissemination in regards to Alternative Care.
  • Ensures strict compliance to gatekeeping guidelines  for  child admission and reintegration
  • Ensuring the overall development of the children & youth in SOS families and other forms of family like care:
  • Development of the SOS Families and other forms of Care
  • Leads the overall development of children and youth and ensures their individual needs and rights are identified, respected, protected and addressed.
  • Implements Alternative Care programmes in accordance with SOS’s policies, standards, procedures and guidelines and national policies.
  • Guides and supports care professionals on a daily basis to ensure effective and efficient delivery of Alternative Care intervention for children and young people.
  • Regularly sensitizes staff on the SOS philosophy, principles, history, vision, mission and values.
  • Spends quality time with, families of children and young people.
  • Provides psychosocial counselling to alternative care staffs, children and young people with PSS issues to enhance their holistic wellbeing and performance levels.
  • Provides close supervision of mothers to ensure quality services are provided to the children with regard to feeding, health and that all families’ interactions do no harm to the children.

Responsibility for Children and Youth Development

  • Reviews all child and youth development plans, at least once a year, to keep up to date with the developmental needs of each individual.
  • Monitors and reviews each child’s progress to ensure that their educational needs and abilities are addressed.
  • Works in cooperation with pedagogical staff to plan educational programs geared to the individual needs of each child and conducts regular reviews of such programs.
  • Visits schools attended by SOS family children and youth (including SOS schools and kindergartens), seeking feedback on their school performance and progress from school managers.
  • Creates a stimulating learning environment in conjunction with the Education Programme Officer and Youth Care Co-Workers to promote education and encourage academic excellence of children and youths.
  • Supervises and supports the Education Programme Officer and Youth Care Co-Workers to ensure implementation of holiday and individual youth personal programs, to prevent idleness and monotony.
  • Facilitates cultural and recreational activities to educate the children in local cultures and customs.

Supports the MA Child Safeguarding Coordinator on information and other specialized reports on Alternative Care as shall be required.

Guiding and Supporting SOS Children’s Villages Co-Workers

  • Leads and supports all co-workers in a strategic way according to SOS Children’s Villages programme policies, values and approved guidelines.
  • Provides leadership to all Alternative care staff, motivating them to work as a united ‘family’ in pursuit of the best interests of the children.
  • Creates an open working environment where Alternative care professionals and other co-workers learn and question with confidence, promote strong bonds and strive for participation.
  • Develops implements and periodically reviews appropriate staff training and professional development content for Mothers and Youth Care Co-workers in conjunction with the Area Programme Manager and HROD.
  • Closely monitors and reviews AC staff performance ensuring that appropriate work objectives are set by each staff on an annual basis providing continuous feedback on performance.
  • Establishes a functional disciplinary committee with clear TOR and works with the APM and HROD to report and deal with cases of discipline and poor performance.
  • Creates a secure, positive, and motivating environment to ensure that a high q uality of child care within the SOS families.
  • Supports the development of strong family ties to encourage long -term commitment between SOS Mothers and the children.
  • Works in conjunction with the MA Child Safeguarding Coordinator to create framework conditions for a high quality of child care within the SOS families and youth homes.
  • Builds positive relationships with children and youth and maintains interest in the needs and development of children and youths.
  • Holds regular meetings with individual SOS Mothers to discuss new ideas, problems and concerns, and to promote open communication and co-operation.
  • Spends quality time with SOS Mothers, counseling and being their confidant, motivating and supporting them to meet their day-to-day challenges in child care.
  • Creates framework conditions for a high quality of youth care within youth facilities and programmes.
  • Ensures that youth programmes offer career, learning and development opportunities for youths.
  • Maintains an overview of and interest in the needs and development of individual youth.
  • Counsels Youth Care Co-Workers to meet day-to-day challenges in youth development.
  • Coordinates the professional development of Youth Care Co-Workers.
  • Holds regular meetings with the individual or groups of youth at different transition levels to support them to explore their full potential and abilities and transition to independent living.
  • Provides advice, guidance, and support to children and youth on personal and social issues.
  • Links SOS families with biological relatives of the children (if available) and creates opportunities for reunion events or visits.
  • Takes active interest to learn from other programme locations and shares his / her own experience.
  • Participates in national planning, evaluation processes and contributes to the development of organization policies.
  • Helps other co-Workers to understand the SOS Children’s Village Programme and its impact to children and families and the society.
  • Familiarizes SOS families and youth care co-workers on the importance of fundraising.
  • Oversees activities based at affiliated projects to the Children’s Village e.g. Kindergarten, Family Strengthening Programme, Medical Centre and School by participating in their activities and meeting regularly with the various Departmental heads at the location
  • Takes part in the location and national advocacy interventions as required.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Alternative Care Programmes
  • Regularly reviews alternative care activities to ensure that they are implemented according to children’s village standard manual and organisation procedures and policies.
  • Participates in internal and external evaluations of programmes in conjunction with the National Office
  • Prepares and submits reports and statistics to the Area Programme Manager and the National Office.
  • Supports the National Child Safeguarding Coordinator on information and other specialised reports on alternative care as shall be required.
  • Contributes to overall National Association reports as may be requested by the Area Programme Manager and other National Office department heads.
  • Works with the National Office co-workers to carry out feasibility studies, participate in the development of concept notes, and programme proposals.
  • Supports the initiatives to solicit donations to the alternative care programme, seeking guidance from the Area Programme Manager and the Head of Fundraising.
  • Maintains and creates links with schools, community groups, places of worship, civic associations, service groups and other bodies and organizations based in the local community.
  • Develops detailed programme concepts for new interventions in the programme location.
  • Cultivates good relationship with sponsors and ensures prompt correspondences
  • Provides regular progress updates on children, Youth and the alternative care programme in general.
  • Ensuring that Child Safeguarding measures are in place within alternative care responsibility and that staff, associates and other key stakeholders are made aware of these measures and are supported in implementing them
  • Creating and maintaining a managerial and operational environment where the Child Safeguarding Policy is effectively implemented.
  • Fulfilling specific  and  additional  responsibilities  in  achieving  compliance  of  SOS  Children’s
  • Villages Child Protection Policy and PSHEA Regulations id upheld by all alternative staffs
  • Ensure the best interest of the child and DO NO HARM principles are applied and considered in all forms of alternative care.
  • Ensure all alternative care sign annually the safeguarding code of conduct and child protection policy to prevent harm and create a safeguarding risk free environment for everyone especially children and young people.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • The ideal applicant must hold a university degree in Social Sciences – Development Studies, Education, Management, HRM, Psychology, social work.
  • Leadership experience at a senior management level preferably within the NGO or public sector.
  • At least three years’ experience in any of the following functional areas: Child and / or Youth care, community Development, human resource management, psychology, education.
  • Must have good physical and mental health
  • Readiness to live within the SOS Children Village.
  • Interest in working with children and youths and willingness to make a long-term commitment.

Management Competences:

  • Skills and expertise in HRM, strategic thinking, planning and budgeting, financial management skills, basic knowledge in fundraising and marketing


Child and Youth Care Competences:

  • Pedagogical and psychological knowledge and skills;
  • Basic comprehension of child, youth and family development;
  • Knowledge of national child welfare and childcare legislation, familiar with and aware of children’s rights and child protection,
  • Capability to promote child and youth activities,
  • Knowledge and experience on alternative child care models
  • Experience in cooperating with local and national child and youth care projects of governmental and NGO initiatives.


How to Apply:

If you believe you are the right candidate for this position, please send your electronic application letter, detailed curriculum vitae (CV), and photocopies of academic certificates, and names and contact details of three traceable referees to the address below


Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development,

SOS Children’s Villages Uganda,

Plot 53 Ntinda II Road, Kampala. Uganda


Electronic Applications must be sent as one Single PDF Document not exceeding eight pages to:


Applications that are late, do not have CV or certificates or exceeds eight pages or electronically submitted as images will be disqualified. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Deadline: 31st October 2022

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