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The Belgian scholarship programme for the academic year 2013/2014 is now open. The Kingdom of Belgium,
in cooperation with The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, The Ministry of Health, The    Ministry    of  Education     and   Sports,  The    Ministry    of  Water    and   Environment     will  award    bilateral SCHOLARSHIPS to the following categories of people:
•    Health workers working in the public sector (in particular PHC) and PNFPs.
•    Ugandan      professionals    working    in  the   education    sector;    MoES      Headquarter     staff,  Teachers
( Secondary) , Tutors, Instructors and Lecturers under the following directorates:               Directorate of Basic
and     Secondary,    Directorate    of  Higher,   Technical,    Vocational,   Education     and   Training(   BTVET),
Directorate of Education Standards and Directorate of Industrial Training
•    Ugandan nationals working in the Ministry of Water and Environment particularly in the area of climate
The    Belgian   Government      will  provide  scholarships    for  Masters   and   Short  Training   Programmes      at  Local,
Regional,     and  Belgian    universities.  Positive    discrimination   towards    female   students   will  be  pursued    and
candidates working upcountry (especially Districts in the Hard to Reach areas) will be given priority. Studies at
reputable/accredited universities all over Uganda can be funded.
1         Who can apply for a scholarship?
1.1   For Master studies:
♦     Ugandan national, do not exceed 35 years old on 31/5/2013, have a Bachelors Degree, the course is
relevant to your work and you have a minimum of 2 years working experience. The Master programme
applied for does NOT exceed two years.
♦     You have a valid letter of admission to the relevant university by End July 2013 and have the written
authorization of your employer and a letter of guarantee of employment after completing the studies
1.2  For Short Training Programmes (Uganda/Belgium / African Region where BTC is present).
♦    Ugandan national, the course should be relevant to your work, and does not exceed a study period of 6
♦    You   have   the   written   authorization   of   your   employer   and   a   letter   of   guarantee   of   employment   after
completing the studies, and a valid letter of admission to the relevant programme.
2           For which Programme can I apply?
Programmes listed below are legible for funding. Applicants must be ready to start the course during the year of
award of the scholarship and NOT later.
2.1      Priority courses for funding under the Health Sector.
♦    Masters in Public Health and Health Services Management
2.2        Priority courses for funding under the Education Sector
♦    Short trainings that do not exceed a study period of 6 months
2.3       Priority courses under the Environment Sector
♦     Short trainings that do not exceed a study period of 6 months
Courses   applied   for  MUST   be   directly   related   to   the   sectors   and   the   themes  of   the   Bilateral   Development
Cooperation in the new Indicative development cooperation programme signed in April 2012. These are:
(i)   Primary Health care and PNFP
(ii)  Education and training
(iii) Environment with particular focus on climate change.
3           How and when can I apply for the scholarship?
Applicants can obtain application forms for the academic year 2013 /2014 from the website of the Embassy of Belgium; and the website of the Belgian Development Agency;
Filled in application forms should be returned to the Embassy of Belgium.

Only Hand Delivered applications will be accepted.

a.    Only candidates complying with the criteria should apply for a scholarship.

b.    Female candidates are encouraged to apply, they will be given priority

c.    Courses at reputable universities in Uganda can be funded.

d.    All   applicants   for   a   scholarship   should   be   willing   to   sign   the   Government   of   Uganda   (GoU)   bonding

agreement and to work for a period equivalent to 2 years minimum after completion of the course

e.    Candidates   are   expected   to   complete   the   training   within   the   specified   time frame,   unless   there   are

exceptional reasons to justify the extension.

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