Bishop Stuart Lecturers Conduct Lectures in Runyankole

Bishop Stuart Lecturers Conduct Lectures in Runyankole

Lecturers at Bishop Stuart University, a Mbarara-based University have been instigated for conducting lectures in a local dialect, Runyankole.

Students allege that most lecturers, after failing to explain hard terms in English translate them to Runyankole while others adamantly turn the entire lectures into a Runyakole-language transmission.

The concern of most students is since English is the official language at school, they may fail to compete at the national level with students from other Universities.

Additionally, much as the University hails in a Runyakole-speaking area, not all students understand the language and some come from regions outside the western.

“BSU lecturers deliver their lectures in Runyakore and I have personally heard lecturers do that especially in the faculty of education. Perhaps their intention is to make students understand but I totally disagree that it is the right mode of instruction at this level,” Denmakr Adios Rubaramira, a student at the University told Campusbee.

Among others, the University has also received allegations of inadequate and incompetent lecturers and infrastructure to support learning.

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