Bugiri: NRM MP beaten over bribing voters

Bugiri: NRM MP beaten over bribing voters

Residents of Bugiri have removed their fists to embattle NRM’s Bukooli Central Member of Parliament (MP), Solomon Silwanyi when He was allegedly found giving a bribe to voters at Butambula central polling station.

Bigiri election Chaos residents beat up MP bribing voters
Mr Silwanyi being rescued from the angry mob. PHOTOS BY ALEX ESAGALA


The mob descended onto the MPĀ  and started boxing him when they found out that He was giving out money to influence voters to cast in favor of the NRM candidate.

Although Silwanyi tried to fight back, he couldn’t out compete the attackers until when he pulled out a pepper spray to stopĀ journalists from taking pictures of him.

Police managed to control the situation after they rescued Mr Silwanyi from the angry mob and drove him away in a pick-up truck. However, some journalists were harmed.

The Bugiri elections are still ongoing and the winner is expected to be pronounced by the end of the day.


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