Campus girls walk out of Hostels minus pants

The dot com era campus girls
The dot com era campus girls

Today’s generation of campus girls is not only an interesting one but also going crazy. Many of them have adopted a new trend of leaving their hostels minus wearing pants.

This is not because they forget to put pants on, but sources reveal that many girls do this to incite the innocent men. Others think that putting on underwear seems to be an outdated trend as many girls feel more comfortable not wearing one.

When the sun sets and darkness sets in, these shameless girls start moving out in skimpy shot dresses trying to advertise their goods.

And while at the clubs in town, they sit in an irresponsible style that is so provocative to any normal man who answers all the calls of nature.

They worsen it by sipping bottles of wine like the world is going to end in the next second; is it because there is no beer in Heaven, as one artist said in his song. But remember that police warned recently that don’t drink and walk, you risk being arrested if you do so, perhaps you better drink and fly to be on a safer side.

Back to the irritating dress code of these campus girls, Judith Nabakoba is warning you seriously if you don’t change your dot com kind of wearing that is shocking to the Ugandan culture.

But our dear sisters, what has happened to our morals? May be, the newly elected Pope Francis 1 will dedicate a special prayer to the campus girls of the Pearl of Africa.

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