Celebrate this Valentines from the comfort of your home

Celebrate this Valentines from the comfort of your home

By Zuurah Karungi

Make your day memorable by celebrating it from the vicinity of your home.  You will not spend a lot but create an everlasting memory for you and your loved one/s. Having your day at home gives you a chance to be as creative as possible and enjoy without minding on who is watching.


Your house shouldn’t look the same on this special day especially the sitting room bedroom or dining room. There are so many things you can incorporate in the house to make it romantic, special and memorable.

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What’s Valentines day without flowers? Most people go for red roses, others blend them with white roses, what to have in your house entirely depends on your taste. Flowers act as decor and bring in the purpose of the day (day of love). These can be placed in vessels and placed on tables or house corners. You can pick petals and spread them around the floor, on the bed, sitting room etc all depending on your creativity.


You can go an extra mile and invest in fabric, its a special day and all the efforts are worth it, these could be used to decorate the room or set up a table.  you can fold the fabric in an artistic way to create certain designs, for example in a heart shape.

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Set up a table

If its just you and your partner why not set a table for two,this can be set in the bedroom, sitting room or dining room. you only need a table, two seats, fabric and flowers, bottle of wine, juice, water or soda.

However you can also celebrate your day with children and family, you can therefore set a table of the whole family. The table can further be decorated with fruits like berries, apples among others.


Did you know that light sets the mood in a house? well it does, choose colours that bring out a cool, relaxing yet romantic feeling in you, blue is one of those lights you may consider.

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Red being the official Valentines day theme colour,most people go for red balloons. These add  beauty in a house. just like flowers, they can be randomly placed on the floor, bed or hang in a place of your choice.


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