Cleaning car windows

Car windows are one of the most sensitive parts on a car therefore need ample attention when cleaning. They are transparent, carry any scratch and are breakable therefore need total care when washing. There are specific fundamentals to put in mind to have an effective touch on your car windows.


Use very soft materials that won’t scratch the window because any scratch applied is marked permanent.

Just like while cleaning the car, window are supposed to be cleaned in the shade as heat could dry the area before it’s fully cleaned. Sam Nsubuga notes that it’s important to have your care cleaned in the morning or evening hours when there is no sun.

Have a variety of towels and use a different one on each touch to avoid dirtying the cleaned area.

Use a completely dry towel on the final touch to ensure no water is left on.


Nsubuga notes that don’t; Use hot water while cleaning because this will affect the glass.

Use too much cleaning solution as this could make it hard for you to wipe the surface clean.

Use harsh materials like brushes that could scratch the surface and leave damages

How to clean them

Nsubuga adds that it’s wise to clean the windows last as they could retain dirt if cleaned before the whole car.

“Windows are very sensitive and will carry any kind of dirt spilt on to it, if not worked on early enough, it could turn into a permanent mark,” he adds.

Cleaning windows needs a bucket of clean water, a dry cloth, a soft sponge and a glass cleaner solution that can be purchase in any care spare part shop around, if not found, one can opt for the normal washing powder.

Hold the window on the opposite side when cleaning to avoid breakage and clean gently in an up and down pattern that should be kept each time you clean.

Soak a soft sponge in soapy water and apply on the windows cleaning thoroughly well in all corners

Use different clean water with a fresh sponge this time squeezing al the water out.

Nsubuga says on the third application use a totally dry cloth and make sure all the water is cleaned out to avoid rustings on the car window edges.



He also says it’s important to clean your windows anytime there is dirt and at most twice a day to keep them free from any dirt.

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