Cut that belly fat with exercising

Belly fat is a discomfort to many girls as they are unable to wear those nice fitting clothes on market.  Did you know that that belly fat can be erased with exercising?  Here a few exercise that will help you cut belly fat as guided by Ivan kiwanuka a gym instructor.


Squats involve standing in one position, spreading your hands in the air, and making repeated movements up and down. These put pressure in your belly hence cutting a few calories.

You can do 10 squats in the morning and evening.

Image result for picture of someone doing squats"Squats exert pressure on the belly hence cutting calories.


Dancing is also a very effective exercise that people usually ignore, this causes a whole body action hence cutting calories through sweating. you can do a few moves while dancing that are directed towards reducing the belly fat and these could include down movements, shaking the waist, jumping among others.

Image result for photo of a girl african dancing" Dancing will help you cut calories.

Sit ups

These are the easiest yet most effective kind of exercise for the belly. They involve lying on the ground then raising your upper body with hand straight and touching  the feet. Do this 10 times in the morning or evening.

Image result for photo of someone doing sit ups" sit ups are the most effective exercise on reducing belly fat.

Running or walking

These two are cardio exercises that not only increases blood supply to the heart but also reduce your belly fat through sweating. As we run, we exert force on the lower abdomen hence straining the flesh and burning the fats.

Image result for running photos Running is a cardio exercise that will not only help you in cutting belly fat but also increase blood circulation in your body.


This is also a cardio exercise that will torn the whole body into a desirable size. Don’t go to deep ends of a swimming pool if you are a leaner and those with health difficulties like asthma, get permission from your doctor before embarking on swimming.

Image result for photo of someone swimming" If you have health complications like Asthma, get a doctors advise on how to go about swimming.

Mind your diet

Kiwanuka notes that we look 70 per cent what we eat and exercising is only 30 percent.It wont make a different if you do 10 squats and eat two plates of chips. Avoid junk foods as these increase the amount of calories in our bodies, eat to live and don’t live to eat (reduce the mount of food you take) and drink plenty of water.

Check this video for further information.


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