Designer Kaijuka Abbas shines in Milan for Fashion week

Designer Kaijuka Abbas shines in Milan for Fashion week

The recent achievements of the Ugandan fashion industry have been anything but surreal for those involved in the industry, and from the look of things, it is just the beginning and better things are yet to come.

After having our very own Ugandan girls walking the runway in major fashion capitals of the world, the latest news reaching us is that a Ugandan designer has made major news and waves with his most recent showcase in the fashion city of Milan, Italy.

Fashion designer, Kaijuka Abbas, who just returned from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Kigali, was part of a lineup of designers from around the world who unveiled their latest pieces at the Torino Fashion Week.

The three-day event that doubles as an international bilateral event for textile and fashion industry players is organized by TMODA. The event’s main goal is to highlight emerging fashion designers and innovative brands from across the world.

“It’s moments like these that make all the work I have put into my brand worth it. I am very honored and truly humbled to have been a part of the Torino Fashion Week. Any time I have to represent and carry the Ugandan flag high on any international stage is always a memorable moment for me. And I wouldn’t have done this without the love and support of my clients, who have made this brand the powerhouse it is today. Thank you all,” Abbas said, on his showcase.

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