Ditch those fitting clothes for a better health

Fitting clothes are a real deal among young people now days, they flatter our bodies and enhance our physical appearances, but did you know that they could affect your body or even cause diseases and deformations? Here are some of the effects of wearing tight clothes.

Leads to development of cellulites

Sandra katuutu a business woman was surprised to develop cellulites despite her having a small size, this came with a cost as she couldn’t wear some of her clothes that show the body, after a medical visit, she realized that this was a result of the tight pants and belts she was wearing.

Betty Mbabazi a medical practitioner notes that tight pants or belts stretch the body hence exerting pressure on the skin. And when this is done continuously, the skin will tire to get some breathing space hence the cellulites.

Tight clothes can cause cellulites

In addition to that, those skin problems you have could be an alarm from your body due to tight clothes torture. Mbabazi notes those that skin itches that sometimes result in rashes are an indication that the tight clothes are doing you bad.

“They also cause development of hair on the body especially the legs, some people may experience redness of the skin that hurt or even make the body turn black,” she adds.

Cause Panniculus

Panniculus is the fatty flesh that mostly attacks ones belly or around the waist line. Isaac Matovu a gym expert at Shape Up Namuwongo notes that he receives so many people wanting to cut panniculus but can’t do it effectively because of the way they dress. He notes that tight clothes strain the body hence shaping it in multiple flesh lines.

“Women and even men should wear clothes that give the body space, tight clothes suffocate the body and the end result is getting deformations that you would have rather avoided,” he adds. 

Breathing problems and poor blood circulation

Mbabzi adds that those breathing problems you are experiencing could be a result of tight tops, dresses or bras. These put pressure on your lungs hence breathing difficulties. When this occurs day in day out, it could become a permanent problem.

Tight clothes lead to poor blood circulation in the body, your heart will have to work twice harder to keep your body function. The end result is constant fatigue, headache and body pain.

Causes genital itches

Senga Idah Kakooza notes that those genital itches are a result of wearing very tight knickers or pants that hold the body without breathing space, this causes a lot of sweating which all collects in one place hence causing itches and even a bad smell.

“I don’t know what women see in tight clothes, especially under wears, someone puts on a cloth that they can’t even walk properly, now if that affects your movement how about the inner parts that you have closed in there,” she says adding that the smelly armpit and regular sweating are also a result of uptight clothes.

Fitting Pants may cause genital itches

Could affect your testicle

Men could get twisted testicle due to constant wearing of skinny jeans or tight underwear, kakooza notes that men wear clothes that twist their genitals to a different side, when this is done constantly, it will take that shape permanently. This could lead to poor functioning in bedroom matters.

She urges parents to never give their boys tight clothes as their genitals are still forming and the too much pressure from tight clothes could lead to deformation.

Tight jeans or underwear are not good for men

Mbabazi adds that you can wear fitting clothes that are not too tight and still have your desired look, these should allow you to breathe well and move with ease.

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