Dry your hair the right way, never use a towel to dry your dreads

By Addy Karugaba.

Its a common myth that dreads do not need special care, but that’s further from the truth because when dread locks become dirty,they become matted and unattractive. So washing them frequently is the clear solution to make them look good and more scanning especially now that its the trend.

When washing, create a nice lather and let the hair soak up the suds. When rising, let the water run over and through the dreads and then squiz them untill the water is dried out..

Dry your hair the right way, never use a towel to dry your dreads because this can leave them shapeless, just try patting them with the towel then leave them to air dry, not even with a dryer because it might damage your hair and not even dry them. Always use hands to style your dreads with fingers otherwise combs might spoil your day by undoing the hand work done before.

Dour scalp is equaly important, so it needs care as well. Oil your scalp at least once a week to reduce the dryness,it is best to use olive or coconut oil.

Tying up your dreads before bed can help them look better for longer. If you sleep with dread locks loose, you may find them frizzy and look uncared for as a result of the many movements on the pillow.

It’s therefore worthwhile to care for your dreads just as you would care for any other hairstyle.

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