Entrance Scholarships (2013/2014)

Entrance Scholarships (2013/2014)
Entrance Scholarships (2013/2014)
Entrance Scholarships (2013/2014)

Carleton University awards scholarships tenable at the University, in the Fall/Winter session of the year of offer to entrance and in-course full-time undergraduate students who have demonstrated a high potential for university studies. The intention of the scholarship policy is to recognize, attract and provide incentives for excellence.

If you have been admitted to Carleton with an admissions average of 80 percent or better, you will automatically be considered for a renewable entrance scholarship. The admissions average we use is calculated from the grades submitted by your high school in support of your application.

Entrance scholarships are offered for fall entry only.  You may be offered a renewable entrance scholarship provided you are entering Carleton for the first time and have no previous attendance at post secondary educational institutions.

To be considered for an entrance scholarship, the University’s Admissions Services must receive your complete application for admission and all required grades (either directly or through the Ontario Universities Application Centre) by June 15.  Entrance scholarship offers are not assessed or reassessed on final high school grades.

Entrance Scholarships (2013/2014)
Number of Scholarships & Value Admission Average
Unlimited @ $16,000 $4,000 x four years Renewable* 95 – 100%
Unlimited @ $12,000 $3,000 x four years Renewable* 90 – 94.9%
Unlimited @ $8,000 $2,000 x four years Renewable* 85 – 89.9%
Unlimited @ $4,000 $1,000 x four years Renewable* 80 – 84.9%

* Scholarships are renewable with an A- standing (Annual GPA of 10.0) For details visit .Entrance Scholarships
* Please note that for some programs, the value of the scholarship may be increased at the time of your offer.

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