Expectant Mothers to Receive more free Mama Kits if sh15b Budget is Approved

Expectant Mothers to Receive more free Mama Kits if sh15b Budget is Approved
Uganda Members of Parliament have proposed a budget of Uganda shillings fifteen(15) billion to enable more procurement of mama kits for expectant mothers who deliver in government hospitals.
If passed, the ush15b will be an addition sum to the 16b Uganda shillings that the government provided for the purchase of mama kits in 2019/2020.

However, the chairperson of the Parliamentary health committee, Dr. Michael Bukenya, says the sh16bn was allocated for both the mama kits and Family Planning commodities, which was not enough.

Mama kits Uganda
Expectant mother receives a mama kit: COURTESY PHOTO

Therefore, the 15b will carter for only the mama kits and the 16bn will be left for the Family Planning commodities.

“What we have been allocating for family planning was being used for Mama Kits, so parliament has proposed that we set up an equivalent amount for mama kits and family planning commodities use the original primary amount” Bukenya revealed.


Mama kits Uganda
During antenatal visits, expectant mothers are provided with the kits for free and they consist of  plastic sheeting, razor blades, cotton wool, gauze pad, soap, surgical gloves, exam gloves, cord ties, and a child health card.
However, not every mother receives it which has made the legislator to propose for the budget.

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