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Buni Christopher Saddam, Guild Prezido Kyambogo University; Val…what?? Nonsense. I’v shown u love for all this while and just 4 one day u want me to die?..let me make money first, then I’ll offer u valentine’s day daily daily per day till death do us apart . He adds…money I kniw is a temporary visitor. ..but am mastering skills to make it a full time family member.

Abraham Daljang; This is a crazy moment! The so called Valentine day is making people over excited.
I see no reason why people simply get mad of such ordinary days. I am not the fun of such fake days. if I don’t even get excited during Xmas, what is this day to excite me?

Kisirinya Joseph; By the way, Valentine died for love, Romeo also died for love, Jack in Titanic died for love, Samson in the Bible died for love, Greek heroes Hercules & Achilles died for love. And even Jesus himself died for love. I am not taking her out unless she lists five females who have died for the same.

Robert Kawuki Rexroth; You’re Sad, Cold, Worried, Down en Complaining Because You Don’t Have. Anyone To Spend Valentine’s Day With? Some People Do Not Have Anyone. On Mother’s Day or Father’s Day..always be Grateful & Thankful. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Princess Peace Carolyn; people who inbox me forcing me to be their woman stop its not cool esp if i ask u to stop then back off coz u are annoying me.
Kat Bryan; av bn praying hard 4 dis valentine,but nw am cursing,bcoz i dnt knw who among my lovers i shud go wth:Milly,Teo or Hope?
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