Faridah Nakazibwe shares her opinion to a leaked video of a student dishing Kyambogo University

Faridah Nakazibwe shares her opinion to a leaked video of a student dishing Kyambogo University

NBS presenter Faridah Nakazibwe has also shared his opinion to her fans  on a video that went viral on social media  where two girls were being interviewed on NBS TV, and they had to share what they thought about  the University, whether they can date a Kyambogo University student or not.

Kyambogo University also hinted back on one of the girls who shared her negative views on the Banda based Univesity.

Read Faridah’s opinions below

I have a good feeling this post will be my magnum opus. Yesterday I watched a video of a young girl saying she can’t date a boy from Kyambogo university. 

Look here, i see this scenario get played over and over again. It’s become too frequent I can predict what happens next. When a girl is blessed with beauty and that thing i used to call “well accentuated curves”, she will confuse that for the rare gift called wisdom. So beauty queens from the surbubs think they are smart, when in fact they are just beautiful.

That explains the disaster we see all the time of beauty queens having unfulfilling marriages or worse dying single. Look here. When a decent guy honestly wants to make a wife out of such girls, they don’t respond with courtesy, and say “Praise God, i found the perfect man.” No. To them, they are smart, and any guy who is approaching them but doesnt live the fast life, is a fool. You approach one of them for marriage, she will text her BFF Natasha and say, “Guess what? That ugly boyJohn from Kyambogo University thinks he can date me. Who the hell does he think he is? Ain’t no dry and clueless nice guy touching this. We will just chew his money. Let him take me on a few dates. Drink on him. After all, every guy wants me”. I can’t date a guy from Kyambogo .

The bourgeoisie beauty queens prefer guys with no plan and no direction. They prefer the hot club guy to the medical intern who is perpetually broke. They give their punanis to jobless paupers than to honest guys.

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