Fight For a Positive Legacy Like The Late H.E Benjamin Mkapa, Ugandan Professors Implore Current Politicians.

Dr. Aziz Ponary Mlima the High Commissioner of Tanzania to Uganda, Prof. Paul Mugambi the grandfather of mathematics in Uganda and Natasha Katondwaki Founder of WAAPE online platform

Four of Ugandan famous professors during the inaugural Benjamin Mkapa memorial event organized by Cavendish University in remembrance of his good deeds as a former chancellor have urged leaders to develop true characters and values of leadership following examples of former leaders such as Benjamin Mkapa.

The occasion was graced by the Minister for East African Affairs Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga represented by the State Minister Hon. James Magode Ikuya took place at Mestil hotel in kampala on Wednesday.

Among the Professors, is the legendary born Ugandan, Professor in the field of Mathematics, the first Professor of maths in East, Central Africa and regarded as the grandfather of mathematics in Uganda, Prof. Paul Mugambi who studied with the late H.E Benjamin Mkapa.

According to Prof. Mugambi, ” I had an opportunity to attend classes with Mkapa, however during our times I specialized in mathematics and Mkapa specialized in English but when it came to leadership, Mkapa was super excellent, he was a man who listened to all kinds of people.” 

Hon. Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere, Mr. David Mutabanura Executive Director Cavendish University Uganda and Dr. Aziz Ponary Mlima the High Commissioner of Tanzania to Uganda.

He added that late  HE. Benjamin Mkapa was gifted when it came to listening, he listened and  consulted before he could make a decision therefore he is a man that integrated Africa because of his leadership values and skills.

Prof. John Mugisha the Vice Chancellor of Cavendish University Uganda informed that HE. Benjamin Mkapa shall be remembered for his transformational leadership.

Mkapa was a leader with humility, integrity, humble, mixed with everybody and above all stood for the good of the nation, therefore it is important that all present and future leaders acquire the values and skills Mkapa adhered to, he said.

Prof. Mugisha  included that their aim is to ensure that African regimes understand about the late’s legacy by publicizing the values he stood for so as to help propagate it through the next generation of young leaders in Africa as a seed to retain positive leadership.

Honourable Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere, a Ugandan Sociologist, Academic and Politician also commended the great works of the late  by mentioning some of his achievements.

Prof. Kabwegyere said that Mkapa besides being a president, he served as a minister and ambassador for the republic of Tanzania therefore that shows adoptability and how foresighted he was.

Mr. Herbert Mudoola, University Senior Lecturer

“I last saw Mkapa when we launched the Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation building in Dar es Salaam,” he added.

Leadership is not a football game to play and leaders in Uganda have a challenge of learning how to lead as a  few have learnt it, therefore one has to have principles, focus, consistency, persistence and above all to know that they are serving a bigger audience as leaders, Prof Kabwegyere noted.

You can not make a system that produces leaders but social reality produces leaders , leadership is an interpretation of reality for example taking people from where they are to where they desire to be, therefore it has nothing to do with age, young leaders should not proclaim being young as a weapon to acquire leadership but instead understand what are the challenges of today and provide solutions, he advised.

Ann Mkapa the widow thanked the Cavendish University community and the government of Uganda for loving her husband the late HE. Benjamin Mkapa and described that his passing away was sad news because he had no chance to express how much he appreciated the role granted to him as a University chancellor in Uganda.

” Those we love will not go, they shall remain with us everyday,” she explained. 

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