SAD: 14-Year-Old Student Who Suffered Multiple Organ Failure After Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine Has Died

SAD: 14-Year-Old Student Who Suffered Multiple Organ Failure After Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine Has Died

Jonah Luyinda, a S.2 student of St Martin Secondary School, Jjanya Mpigi who has been battling with multiple organ failure after receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine is dead, the family confirmed.

“Yes it is true, Jonah is dead. He died in Kiruddu Referral Hospital and the issues regarding postmortem, I am going to work upon it tomorrow (Today),” Jonah’s elder brother, Jasper Nsubuga told the source.

Luyinda,14, was vaccinated in March this year when a team of officials from the Ministry of Health went to the school and inoculated learners even before the government pronounced itself on the issue of its planned countrywide mass vaccination of learners between the age of 12- 17 years of age.

Days after, Luyinda’s health started to deteriorate.

Nsubuga, Jonah’s brother recently told the Source that the doctors told them that his brother’s organs were greatly affected.

It remains unclear whether it is the vaccine that led to his ill health or whether he had other underlying health issues.

Luyinda who was getting his treatment at Kiruddu Hospital, was first admitted to the general ward but later doctors took him to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), saying his health condition was very serious.

Multiple-organ failure is a severe, life-threatening condition that usually occurs as a result of major trauma, burns, or fulminant infections.

Last month, the Ministry of Health said it had kicked off investigations into Luyinda’s case.

The leader of the National Economic Joseph Kabuleta who has been very vocal about the issue of this vaccination of children expressed concern that many children are likely to end up like Luyinda.

He explained that Covid-19 vaccines are very dangerous to children and can cause heart problems and infertility, adding that no government official or members of the opposition are willing to talk about this because they fear their donations from foreigners will be canceled.

Health experts and activists have on several times warned the government and school administrators against vaccinating children without parental consent.

Experts say that vaccination of children against Covid-19 might compromise their herd immunity and expose their bodies to danger.

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