Financial Struggles Hit Isma Olaxess’ Dad: An Appeal to the Public for Support

Financial Struggles Hit Isma Olaxess’ Dad: An Appeal to the Public for Support

The family of Ibrahim Tusubira, widely known as Isma Olaxess, is reaching out to the public for financial assistance to organize duwa prayers in his memory.

Isma Olaxess, a 51-year-old blogger, tragically lost his life on May 6, 2023, when he was fatally shot near his residence in Kyanja Central zone, Kampala, at 9:15 PM.

In a recent television interview, Muhammad Kasajja, Isma Olaxess’ father, shared the family’s plan to hold prayers at their Nkokonjeru country home to honor his son’s life. However, they require financial support to cover the costs of the event. Kasajja intends to engage close associates of the blogger to discuss fundraising efforts and coordination for the upcoming memorial.

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During the interview, Kasajja also highlighted the challenges he is facing in obtaining ownership documents for Isma Olaxess’ Toyota Hiace van from the police. Various individuals have claimed co-ownership of the vehicle, resulting in its current withholding. To resolve this issue, Kasajja made a heartfelt appeal to anyone possessing the necessary documents, such as the purchase bond, to come forward and assist him in reclaiming the vehicle.

Blogger Ashburg Kato, who was present during the interview, pledged to provide copies of the required documents, as he had purchased his own car on the same day and from the same dealer as Isma Olaxess bought his drone. This collaboration aims to help Kasajja resolve the ownership matter and gain access to his late son’s van, bringing some relief in this difficult time.

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