Five Tired Ladies Hairstyles that Should not be considered 2020

Everything has its time; when it rocks and tires. The same applies to hair, it can be nice and fine at one point. This does not mean it will last another year or even a decade.

Here are some hairstyles that are really tired and you should re-think while trying them out in 2020

  1. Cornrows with Afro-puff

Soft Puff with Cornrow Braids

35 Gorgeous Cornrow Hairstyles Perfect For All Occasions - Part 28

Pony-tail extensions are made by making tiny cornrows in any fashion of your choice. 2019 went buzzing with this hair trend.

What favored its popularity is the fact that it is simple, takes less time and affordable. The hairstyle looks good especially on those with a big forehead and long face.

However, it has been overdone and is tired. Can work though with new creative ways.


2. Big kinky braid-rolls

Braid-rolls look good more in small sizes. In 2019, women refashioned it with big sizes. However, these turned out stiff and straight like sticks.

Apart from looking sluggish, big braid-rolls break hair and cause woulds in the head.

Therefore, if you are try them out in 2020, it should either be small sizes or use soft kink to avoid over stretching.


3. Tight French-rolls

This hairstyle has really been existent for long! I remember my mother had the same style when she gave birth to our last born in 2003. Its high time it retires and rests in peace.

The age is not the reason it should not cross to 2020 but its tendencies to make people look old. It also sprouts and shows straits of growth very fast.

If anyone desires to try it out 2020, it should very spaced and less packed.


4.Gel hair should not make its way into 2020. The hair has been done for now two decades. Anyway this could be little exaggerated but gel hair is what our great grands started with when there was not alot hair options.

Lets leave this hairstyle to our grannies.

Gel hair is suitable for old ladies in their forties and above

5.Crazy bulky weaves

Crazy and bulky hair will spoil you year! It is hard to maintain such hair, this will make you look old and shabby.

crazy weaves
crazy weaves can make you look shabby





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