Nakibinge zone is one of the most popular suburbs in Kibuli,6.6km away from Kampala town, its nearness to the city makes it a favorable location for settlement, however, the consistent floods have hindered the lives of its residents as Namanya Ritah a student at IUIU and a resident of Kibuli narrates as shown in the video below.

Despite the numerous efforts put in by the people living in this area, nothing has been done to curb the problem as Kiganda Hussein a resident in Kibuli says as shown in the video shown below

Nansubuga Rehema the general secretary of women affairs, expresses her ingratitude towards the Kampala Capital City Authority for neglecting the community concern as evidenced in the video below

As a community, all residents should take on the initiative to minimize the flooding by utilizing the rubbish dumping site as Kiganda advises in the video below

Also, on addition to that, people should be aware that floods were there even in the ancient regimes but they should at least take steps to minimize on the after effects of floods like planting vegetation to retain extra water,terracing hillsides to slow flow downhill and the construction of floods ways to divert flood water

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